"Hara took care of Youngji the most in the set(…)" - an insider of DSP said.

Sparkling SEVEN COLORS will surely make it come true



ATLA reference in the Simpsons

I never knew About this! Too bad they got the order of the element cycle wrong…


Tamamori (playing in the sand) on キスマイBUSAIKU?! (08.21.2014) 


"You see them celebrate goal number 5,868 like they’ve never scored before.This is what you should always feel,until you die”

- Jurgen Klopp


That’s been haunting me for a long time. First I thought Tego was impersonating E.T. 

Don’t you think they look alike here? “E.T. go home”


Shige you are a snail… lol

"Relationships with other people can break more easily than you’d think. The harder it is to face someone, the more important it is to get up the courage to see them."


Q: Have you done any crossdressing lately? Which do you like best? I’d like to see a policewoman. (from Tomochin)

A: Obviously I can’t do crossdressing in private. I think the one I did for “Otameshika!” was perfect. If I do it I have to make sure that it’s top class. Next time if I do it I…


Darling, dat’s ma lipgloss and u stole it. 


8/22 ヒルナンデス クイズに答えるまっすー


I couldn’t resist making this one